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Christmas Dinner

At the Engine

 I have booked us in for Wednesday 20th.
The menu is as follows :-
Starters :    Potato & Leek soup with crusty roll
                 Prawn cocktail
                 Farmhouse pate with chutney & toast
Main :        Roast Turkey
                 Chunky pork steak
                 Poached salmon with Hollandaise sauce
                 Vegetarian Pie (roast vegetables)
                 usual selection of vegetables including roast potatoes
Puds :        Christmas pud. with brandy sauce
                 Chocolate Brownie with toffee sauce
                 Lemon torte with raspberry coulis
                 Medley of ice creams
                 Cheeseboard with biscuits (£1 supplement)
                 Coffee & mints 
Cost - £13.95 plus gratuity of (say) £1.05 -  making £15 in total (or £16 for cheeseboard fans).
If I make it tomorrow I'll bring along a few copies of the menu. The doubt about my appearing is because of my car & the golf trolley.
My wife has to go out during the morning so I'll probably have to stay at home in case anybody calls or phones
Perhaps you could arrange to get the above info onto the website - or it may be easier to scan a menu on to the page, in which case I'll get one to you a.s.a.p.


Gentlemen. Please make sure you check your handicap before you go out .

 Your current handicap is on this comments page  for the next few weeks and may not be on the handicap page.


Mudlark Rules for 2017/18. 

( more straigrt forward this year)

1 point for turning up

 2 point for winning the front

2 for winning the back

2 for overall, if you didn’t win any of the 2 above.  

if you did

1 point if you won one of, the front or back nines  or overall ( 1point deducted  if you won overall and you also won one of the front or back or both. that is for being a Clever Dick).

 2 points for a birdie.

More than one member winning any of the above, each player gets the same number of points.

e.g. two people win the front 9  they get 2 points each.






17th Nov





10th Nov

Here are today’s scores:-
Front 9 Back 9 Total Handicaps
Bob Clark 11 12 23 29(Increased)
Mike Foster 19 15 34 21(reduced)
Terry Haynes 15 13 28 28(increased)
Edwin Langdale 11 17 28 20(increased)
Derek Partridge 15 17 32 24
Alan Pratten 7 16 23 36(increased)
Kevin Smith 14 14 28 23(increased)
Tom Wilding 13 14 27 27(increased)
Len Trill 6 11 17 18(increased)
Edwin shot two birdies on the 13th & 15th.
Mike won the front on 19, Edwin and Derek shared the back on 17, Mike won
overall with 34.
Weather conditions were not kind today. Whilst it remained dry and reasonably
warm for the time of year it was very windy which also swirled the leaves around,
 (Derek spotted a crow being blown backwards on take off from a tree on the 12th)  
added to which bright sunlight from a low elevation at this time of year also caused 
problems in sighting the ball on some holes – all excuses perhaps for some low scores!!
Cheers Mike.

I have a confession, well I think I have.

 When playing the17th I walked down the fairway and pushed one of our trollies

 that had been left in the middle of the fairway to the side.

Knowing how frustrating it is to stand on the tee while some one walks back down the fairway to get their trolley .

When we stood on the green we were shouted at from the tee. The trolley was making it’s way across the course.

Luckily someone on the other side of the course turned it around  and sent it back

I must have touched the start button,  but I am convinced I didn’t.


I said  I would not say anything about fairways and par threes again. This is the last I promise!

I went home today put the TV on , European golf championship. Sun City ,South Africa .

Par three hole 234 yards long aerial view.   A distinct area  of shorter grass from 100yards out (Fairway)  THE END!






8th Nov

I have just spent a very large amount of time on the internet, solving the fairway question.

I have learnt a lot besides , the first thing was, If you think you know the rules of golf you are fooling yourself.

 Until now I thought I knew most of the rules of golf , I was definitely deluding myself !

To start.

The R and A  have no rules or regulations about fairways. Fairways are the sole responsibility of the green keepers and greens committee.  

They can cut them what shape and where they want.

The only definition of a fairway is “ the short cut grass between the tee and green”.

Placing rules when in operation are :

The ball must be on the fairway

(The short cut grass , any long grass even in the middle of the fairway, for instance the edge of the road cutting through the course  is not fairway).

The ball must be marked,  cleaned , and replaced  within the width of the score card (6 inch) no nearer the hole .

The ball can not be touched at any time,  anywhere else. “That includes for identification”. You will incur a one stroke penalty if you touch it at all!

The instructions for identification in the rough are :

 1/It is your responsibility to make marks on your ball to make it identifiable in any position.

2/ check with your playing partners where your playing partners' balls are. If they have identified their balls, the ball you are standing over is your ball or a lost ball .

3/ Play the ball.

4/When it is back on the fairway, you can then identify it. If it is not your ball , you may go back to look again for your ball with no penalty.

If you cannot find your ball you must go back to the place you hit the lost ball from, drop another ball, play the ball incurring a penalty of one shot.


Always keep the players following behind in mind , you may find you will have to wave them through. 


After posting the above I have had some feedback , I think some more clarification is required .

The fairway on the course is ALL the short cut  grass, no matter where it is  . you can place a ball (When placing is in operation )  on a par three hole if the ball is on short cut grass.  There is no assumption you should hit the green in one. if you are still on the fairway,  if you have had two three or four shots you can still place it. (You Could have two strokes ) the short grass is fairway. It is just the same on a par 4. if you have had three shots and are on the fairway you can place it and the same on a par 5. The fairway is the fairway if the grass is of the shortest kind you can place it. And that’s it.

Sorry  fringe ( semi rough) is rough. - Derek


7th Nov


Here are today’s scores:-
Front 9 Back 9 Total Handicap
Wilf Feely 19 20 39 20(reduced)
Mike Foster 13 15 28 23(increased)
Terry Haynes 14 15 29 27
Edwin Langdale 17 12 29 19
Alan Pratten 8 16 24 35(increased)
Kevin Smith 10 14 24 22(increased)
John Williams 15 14 29 28
Len Trill 16 13 29 17
No birdies
Only one winner today – Wilf Feely, 19 on the front, 20 on the back, 39 overall. Well done Wilf.
Weather a bit ‘iffy’  this morning – light drizzle first and last 3 holes, remainder overcast and dry.
We all survived before the rain set in just as we finished.
Thanks to birthday boy John for the drinks etc.

I was convinced no one would play today , I up loaded a , No one played page. Then at 8pm I had an email to find 8 players scores .  I must be a wimp!




6th nov




4th Nov

Here are today’s results(according to the card returns)
Front Back Total Birdies Handicap
Tom Wilding 12 23 35 26(revised – see below)
John Williams 8 17 25 29 (revised – see below)
Mike Foster 17 18 35 22
Len Trill 15 16 31 4, 11 17
Terry Haynes 17 20 37 27(revised – see below)
Ted Lewis 11 12 23 31(increased)
Kevin Smith 15 11 26 21(increased
Alan Pratten 13 10 23 35(revised – see below)
Edwin Langdale 16 16 30 19
Terry and Mike shared the front on 17, Tom won the back on 23 and Terry won overall on 37.
Len shot two birdies on the 4th and 11th.
However, upon checking the handicap figures on the website,it would appear that
 4 players were playing off the wrong number:-
Tom Wilding should have been 26 and not 27 – overall score is therefore 34
John Williams should have been 28 and not 26 – overall score is therefore 27
Terry Haynes should have been 29 and not 30 – overall score is therefore 36
Alan Pratten should have been 34 and not 33 – overall score is therefore 24
….. Subject to any further check by Kevin who has the cards 
However, again these adjustments fortunately do not effect the overall result!
Weather fine, dry and reasonably warm for time of year – good for golf apart from the leaves!
Thanks to birthday boy Alan for the drinks.



Why are so many members playing off the wrong handicap, has it something to do with having to click on the link to see the handicap sheet ?  


I have posted   new pictures in the gallery. Please join me by sending me your pictures.
 to see both of them, click on the picture  and to read the caption click on the simble below the pictures. derek.


1st Nov 

here are the scores from todays games.

Player               Front     Back      Total      Birdies      G/Hand.

Bob Clark             14          9            23            -                 29

Terry Haynes      12          15          27            -                 29

Edwin Langdale 21          17          38            -                  19

Vic Layton           13          16          29            -                  44

Derek Partridge  13          22         35            -                  24

Alan Pratten          8          16         24            11               34

Kevin Smith         14          13         27             -                 20

Len Trill                17          14        31              -                 17

Tom Wilding         7           17        24             -                  26

Colin Yapp [Guest]  9        20        29             -                  23

Total Birdies                                                     1

Edwin Langdale won the front with 21 points Derek

Partridge won the back with 22 points Edwin won

Overall with 38 points,Alan Pratten had a birdie on

The 11th,it was another fine day to play golf no wind

And quite mild with a little bit of sunshine.All for now


Cheerio Vic.   

It was nice to see a new face playing with us today.

It looks from the score and his handicap he is about middle of the road in comparison with the rest of us. letts hope we see him again. -Derek



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