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Playing Rules

All of the official rules are to be followed in Stags competitions. In our own games the only exception is -

From 1st November until the end of March, balls lost in leaves,mud etc on the fairway will not incur a penalty, with playing partners deciding where the ball should be dropped.


All through the year balls going out of bounds or lost in the rough will incur a 2 stroke penalty , or a 1 shot penalty if the player goes back to repeat the stroke from where he hit the original ball. 'No gimmies' applies to temporary greens, but they do qualify for birdies.


The aim of using our own system is to allow every member a reasonable chance of scoring about 30 points and occasionally winning, using a formula that is straightforward and easy to operate.

Handicap Rules Effective from 1.1.2015

1. There will be no limits on changes to handicaps [subject to a maximum of 54]. Any strokes above 36 are to be used on Par Five holes.

2. The overall winner of a competition will incur a proportionate reduction in their handicap. When there are more than two equal winners, the reduction will be one stroke. The reductions will be -

a] A player with a handicap of 50+ will have a 5 point reduction.

b] A player with a handicap of 40+ will have a 4 point reduction,

c] A player with a handicap of 30+ will have a 3 point reduction,

d] A player with a handicap of 20+ will have a 2 point reduction, and

e] A player with a handicap of 19- will have a 1 point reduction.

3. When a player scores 28 or lower, where there are four or more players, one stroke will be added to their handicap. When there are three or fewer players completing the round, no handicap will be changed.

4. When more than two temporary greens or tees are in use, only the winner's handicap will be changed.

5. On Stags competition days:

a] 'Special' Activities - Our own competitions [handicaps, eclectic scores, trophy records, and stakes] will go ahead as usual without those who enter these events. 

b] On stags Stableford and Medal days, all of our competitions can still operate. For those who have entered the official events, cards must be completed as usual. Additionally, one volunteer from each playing group needs to fill in a card using the Goujon handicaps. These will be used to determine our own results.

6. As an option on the 10th hole, a player may choose to drive off from the front of the tee and incur a penalty of 1 shot.

7. If a player has been injured, ill or had an operation and been unable to play for some time, he will have his handicap raised by one shot for every week while indisposed to a maximum of 8 additional shots. On return to regular play these extra shots will be deducted at Vic's discretion.

8. From January 1st the handicaps recorded on that day will be used as the basis for the season's Eclectic competition.

9. A member has to play at least 25 times before being eligible to win any of the Trophies.

10. If a member with a handicap of 30 or over wins either a Front or Back Nine, their handicap will be reduced by one shot.

11. Where there are six or fewer players completing a round, the overall winner takes all of the stakes.


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